In a world of dark uncertainties and monopolized ambitions, there is still something that touches the soul. Music. It’s that universal bond that relates to the heart. A call to feel. Regardless of language or traditions, it takes the deepest longings and tremors of the heart and brings it forward for you to see.

Such is the music of the Franz Family. Equipped with charming musical abilities and a desire to share the love, they’ve kept the melodies flowing since 1991. Growing up on the stage of Branson, Missouri, the Franz Family learned the marks of the trade at an early age. Holding to a firm belief in hardcore goodness of music, the Franz’ work hard to bring you gospel music in a unique fashion. With roots dipped in bluegrass, they’ve expanded their style with touches of jazzy blues and acoustic pop. In a collection of traditional and original tunes, they’ve collided the worlds of yesterday and today with agreeable taste.

Talent and melodic ideas wrapped in a purpose. A purpose to remind the world of what has been offered them: the chance to partake of what is good and everlasting. God has called the Franz Family with definite direction to give what has been given them to the public. People who have perhaps forgotten what it was like to live in determined belief and hope without end.

After 20 years of full-time touring, the Franz Family has taken their music off the road and are now spending their time building their own families and careers. However, they refuse to let 'putting down roots' keep them down, they hold an irrepressible love for making music and continue to do so: check out some of their most recent collaborations with Chelsea Moon and Colin Elmore.